Data Analytics

Data Analytics is now at the heart of business concerns. Its spectrum is very wide, ranging from the simple presentation of ordinary analysis data, such as financial results, to sophisticated processing of large data masses involving machine learning algorithms. It is therefore an essential practice to improve the performance of his company.

However, creating value from data requires being part of new ecosystems, working together with different skills and profiles. For a data analysis project to create value, it will have to:

  • process only relevant data,
  • get useful results, 
  • communicate effectively about the impacts identified for the company.

Data analysis teams must therefore integrate many talents: project management, data extraction and preparation, data analysis, business expertise, graphic designers… 

Altermes’ strength is to have built a team that mixes different worlds (i.e. data scientists, business teams…) and makes them work together. We use the best technical know-how to offer our customers a highly personalized product.

The solutions

  • Software development

    • Study of the business domain and animation of workshops to collect the needs. Integration of the challenges and constraints of the functional perimeter.
    • Design of a personalized solution to provide an answer and / or tools to business issues.
    • Modeling of the software solution.
    • Definition and advice on the technical architecture of the digital solution.
    • Development of tailor-made tools using standardized technologies.
    • Automation of recurring and / or low added value tasks.
    • Integration into the company’s IT while respecting the constraints and procedures in place.
    • Deployment and maintenance in operational condition of the solution.
  • Data analysis

    • Mapping and modeling of business data.
    • Development of connectors allowing the extraction of data from several heterogeneous sources.
    • Reprocessing of data to clean and improve the quality of restitution.
    • Mapping data into a common repository – performing transformation if necessary.
    • Cross-referencing of data to restore aggregated indicators.
    • Implementation of suitable visualization system.
  • Technology transformation

    • Support in the development of your IT strategy.
    • Assistance in transforming your IS architecture to meet digital challenges.
    • Support in the management of your IT projects.
    • Help in managing your data to create value.

Altermès, our complementary teams

Combine our business and our IT skills with your teams in order to achieve your data analysis projects:

Business expertise

Our team benefits from expertise acquired through consulting and financial auditing of large groups. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.
These skills allow you to design solutions for your data analysis projects based on an approach targeted to your risks and challenges.

IT expertise

Specialized in the design and development of tailor-made digital innovation solutions, our team will find technical solutions to all your IT issues.

Our technical process

1. Identification of relevant data

Support in determining the relevant data and indicators to be constructed with regard to the risks to be covered.

2. Data extraction

Implementation of data connectors developed specifically to target the necessary data set or support in choosing a suitable solution.

3. Data homogenization / cleaning

Development of calculation engines and algorithms to cross data to create a consolidated view.

4. Data analysis

Review and interpretation of data in order to develop responses to your issues and problems.

5. Visualization and presentation of results

Loading data into a graphical visualization tool.
Creation of specific dashboards presenting an interpretable view of the data.

6. Issue of recommendations

Recommendations and action plans to be implemented to cover the issues identified.

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