The team

Our team includes people from different ecosystems whose skills are complementary:
data scientists, IT developers, consultants, financial auditors, accountants and tax specialists. Experiences and skills combine to respect your needs in a caring, creative and transparent team.

Founding partner
Head of Audit

Specialist in the infrastructure sector (BTP, Oil and Gas) thanks to the experience gained over the past 18 years with industry leaders (Vinci, Eiffage, Bouygues, Veolia…).

I have travelled a lot around the world with one key word: discovering new cultures. This approach sharpened my open-mindedness and curiosity, which has always allowed me to adapt and progress.

I also like to transmit on and lead many training seminars for more than 10 years.

My balance also comes from the practice of my passion: sailing regattas, which I have been practicing since my teens on all the seas of the world. What feeds me in this sport, beyond the technical aspect, are the intergenerational links because neither age nor rank on a deck plan!

+33 (0)6 28 56 40 07

Founding partner
Head of Data Analytics

I am a specialist in the Utilities/Energy and Health sectors. For 17 years, I have been accompanying the general and financial departments of the EDF, Veolia, Public Assistance of Paris Hospitals.., in their financial communication, the audit of their business processes and the structuring of their projects with banking partners.

Innovative, I am constantly looking for new solutions for my clients.

Sensitive, I bring a capacity to recoil when making decisions.

The practice of kitesurfing allows me to refuel and teaches me to find a balance in an environment in perpetual motion.

+33 (0)6 34 24 43 68

Founding partner
Head of Accounting

In close collaboration with the financial departments of companies of all sizes (Vinci Real Estate, Eiffage, EDF, Public Assistance of the Hospitals of Paris…),  I accompany them for 8 years in their projects, their successes as well as the resolution of their problems. During these years, I specialized in the fields of health, energy and real estate development.

Open to others and pragmatic, I build strong relationships with my clients on the basis of mutual trust.

My passion: rugby brings me a foundation of fundamental values that guide me on a daily basis, such as commitment, courage and integrity. On the ground, as in professional life, these shared values allow us to surpass ourselves.

+33 (0)6 24 11 90 64

Chief Technical Officer

Entrepreneur for more than 10 years, I had the opportunity to participate in the development of many projects for large groups, as for startups. Creative and curious, I like to start from a blank page to design the technical architecture of products at the cutting edge of innovation.

Travel allows me to decompress through the discovery of new cultures and new horizons.

06 48 15 30 15

Business Developer

I have dual financial and commercial competence. After 4 years in audit and consulting, I turned to business engineering. For the past 5 years, I have been supporting clients from diverse backgrounds in the success of their digital transformation.

I like to move forward and this is reflected in the way I work, and in my desire to always look for new solutions.

In life, I especially like to share, whether it’s around a good meal, a bottle of wine or on a tennis court.

06 68 48 38 40

Altermès is a data analytics, auditing and accounting company.
The meaning of our name. The prefix Al has several sources of Latin origin:  aliter (in another way), alto (progress, raise), alter (others) that reflect our goals and values. Hermes is the messenger of the gods, the protector of the merchants. Altermès reflects our company’s desire to place the advice and the search for solutions adapted to the heart of our business.

In an ever-changing world, our company’s goal is to constantly innovate. We are also convinced that this helps motivate the best performing employees. Finally, our company invests in the transformation of our teams through numerous trainings. Our goal is to grow collectively as our customers expect integrated and qualified team.

If our project echoes your ambition, join our company. We will move forward together through exchange and trust.

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