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CSR diagnostic

Evaluate your level of maturity with a CSR diagnosis

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Carbon footprint

Carry out a carbon assessment with the help of our teams

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Setting up dashboards

Set up CSR dashboards to monitor your key indicators

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CSR project management

Strengthen your teams with our experts in CSR and impact project management

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Sustainable Performance

Integrate your CSR challenges into your financial performance

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Non-financial communication

Comply with new regulations and issue voluntary CSR reports

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Make your employees aware of the importance of CSR

Evaluate your level of maturity with a CSR diagnosis

The Corporate Social Responsibility approach is organized around three fundamental pillars:

– Economic responsibility

– Social responsibility

– Environmental responsibility


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The CSR diagnostic assesses the company’s CSR approach through the following themes defined by the international ISO 26000 standard:

– Employees

– Our customers

– The environment

– Suppliers

– Governance

– Civil society

This diagnosis is an essential starting point for launching a responsible performance approach and implementing a CSR strategy/policy within your company.

Altermès Impact has the teams and methodologies to support you, on a contract or fixed-price basis, in carrying out your company’s CSR diagnosis.

Bilan Carbone Impact RSE

Carry out a carbon assessment with the help of our teams

Carbon footprinting is a legal requirement for companies with over 500 employees, and for certain companies with over 50 employees (notably those benefiting from the stimulus plan).

Groups with over 500 employees and certain public institutions are also required to publish their carbon footprint on the ADEME website.

Altermès Impact has teams trained in different methodologies to help you carry out your carbon footprint!

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What is the Bilan Carbone method?

  • The Bilan Carbone method is based on the Bilan Carbone tool developed by the Bilan Carbone Association.
  • This tool assesses human greenhouse gas emissions in tonnes of CO2 equivalent. This tool is aligned with the requirements of the French regulatory Bilan d’Emissions des Gaz à Effet de Serre (BEGES) reporting system, as well as other reporting systems such as that defined by the GHG Protocol standards.
  • The Bilan Carbone methodology involves several stages: appointing a pilot and objectives, defining the scope, mapping flows, collecting and processing data, and defining an action plan. These steps help to structure and document the Bilan Carbone, with a view to implementing an action plan.

What’s the difference with the GHG Protocol?

  • The Greenhouse Gas Protocol or GHG is an international association that has defined standards for assessing greenhouse gas emissions. These standards are widely used on a voluntary basis by major companies, as they are widely used internationally. The differences with the French BEGES are minimal. The Bilan Carbone tool we use meets both these standards.

Set up CSR dashboards to monitor your key indicators

The data needed to calculate your CSR indicators comes from various applications: energy consumption, HR data, raw materials purchases, etc…

Collecting this data is essential for monitoring your CSR KPIs, challenging your employees and communicating both internally and externally.

Altermès combines its CSR and IT expertise to help you determine indicators, structure data and present them in intelligible dashboards.

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Strengthen your teams with our experts in CSR and impact project management

Managing CSR or impact finance projects can be complex, both in terms of strategy definition and medium-term operational follow-up.

The assignment of experienced teams is a key factor in the success of your projects.

Altermès Impact puts its teams and network of partners at your disposal to help you bring your projects to fruition and monitor the operational implementation of your action plans.

Support in implementing sustainable performance

Are you looking to achieve financial performance that integrates the CSR issues identified in your company?

Altermès has the skills to support you in your search for sustainable performance.

The aim is to carry out a screening of your expenses, and in line with your corporate policy, to identify the areas of profitability associated with CSR issues (e.g. waste, energy, transport, etc.).

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Communication extra financiere Impact RSE

Non-financial communication

A voluntary CSR Report summarizes your CSR strategy and actions.

It’s a great communication tool for your stakeholders.

The CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) will come into force in 2024 (companies already subject to the CSRD), or in 2025 for companies meeting 2 of the 3 following criteria: €20m balance sheet / €40m sales / 250 employees.

The aim of sustainability reporting is to standardize non-financial data, and will require a major effort to collect and formalize CSR commitments.


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Whether you want to comply with new regulations or produce a voluntary CSR report, Altermès has CSR teams to advise and support you in this process.

Altermès can advise you on the extra-financial communication that you wish to implement on a voluntary basis, or to which you are or will be subject (CSRD).

In-house training

Raising your employees’ awareness of the importance of CSR is essential if you are to win their support.

Altermès puts its experts at your disposal to offer your employees training modules tailored to your needs.

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Discover the tools we use to bring you even more added value:

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