Notre équipe, notre ADN

What makes us different

Our team is made up of employees from different ecosystems with complementary skills: data scientists, developers, consultants, asset managers, financial auditors, chartered accountants and tax specialists. Experience and skills are combined with respect for your needs within a caring, creative and transparent team.

Our identity

The meaning of our name: The prefix Al has several sources of Latin origin: aliter (in another way), alto (to progress, to elevate), alter (others) which reflect our goals and values. Hermes is the messenger of the gods, the protector of merchants.

Altermès reflects our company’s determination to place advice and the search for appropriate solutions at the heart of our business. In an ever-changing world, our company’s objective is to constantly innovate. We are convinced that this helps motivate top performers.

Finally, our company invests in the transformation of our teams through numerous training programs. Our aim is to grow as a team, because our customers expect an integrated, skilled team.

Our team

Our values


Built on honesty and fairness, it generates a professional environment in which we can all be proud of what we do.


Our aim is to provide our customers with work of impeccable quality. This involves listening, which teaches us how to progress, and also our determination to take on new challenges.


We invest in the personal development of our teams, so that they acquire a better understanding of themselves. This means maintaining a balance between the sources of our motivation.


It means learning from each other, exploring similar values and sharing the pleasure of working together.


Stepping out of our comfort zone, learning new rules of the game, building winning cooperation between professions are all ways of putting ourselves in an innovative and daring position.

Our mission

The company’s figures reflect the commitment and talent of the men and women who make it up. At every stage of its life cycle, they are factors in the success of its ambitions. That’s why Altermès, as guarantor of their accuracy and meaning, supports managers in their development projects and helps them identify solutions.

With this in mind, the founders of Altermès have a raison d’être: to create the conditions of trust to build sustainable growth.

Team team spirit

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