Legal audit

Your stakes are our fundamentals:  we will be at your side to accompany you on your day-to-day issues and in your decision-making.

We will share with you the knowledge accumulated by the diversity of our customers, the best practices observed, to contribute to your performance.

Our experienced team combines:  

  • advanced technical expertise
  • an ability to fully understand the issues and the evolution of your sector and your environment
  • willingness to provide you with robust positions and well-supported recommendations
  • support of skills strengthened by information systems (IT) specialists or tax specialists.

Our approach is based on the following key success factors:

merger and transformation audit

Protect the interests of your shareholders during your contribution, merger and transformation operations by certifying their compliance with legal rules. Altermès ensures that you provide reliable information to all stakeholders, and that you carry out the planned operations with confidence.

Contractual or acquisition audit

Benefit from a financial audit of your business processes or company's accounts.

These audits carried out at your request allow you to obtain a level of assurance on the financial statements. In particular, this includes during the acquisition of a target company to:

  • make the financial aggregates, that will be used for its valuation, more reliable;
  • prepare its integration in accordance with your accounting rules and methods.

Financial data certification

Provide comfort to third parties on your financial data through certification of the consistency and consistency of financial data with your financial statements:

  • Certificates on accounting and financial data in the context of litigation, subsidies, procurement or financing;
  • Audit of research costs on behalf of the European Commission (Seventh Framework Programme – FP7 or H2020).
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