Protect the interests of your shareholders and partners by entrusting your certification needs to us.

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Commissariat aux comptes 1

Statutory auditors

Benefit from a customized audit by an experienced team

Commissariat aux apports

Contribution, merger and transformation auditors

Protect your shareholders’ interests

Audit contractuel 1

Contractual or acquisition audit

Make financial aggregates more reliable to control your risks

Attestation de donnees fi 1

Certification of financial data

Give comfort to others

Statutory auditors

Your challenges are our fundamentals: we will be at your side to support you in your day-to-day decisions.

We’ll share with you the knowledge accumulated by the diversity of our customers, and the best practices observed, to contribute to your performance.

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Our experienced team combines :

  • Cutting-edge technical expertise
  • A clear understanding of the challenges and developments in your sector and environment
  • The desire to provide you with robust positions and well-founded recommendations
  • Backed by the skills of IT specialists and tax experts

Contribution, merger and transformation auditors

Protect the interests of your shareholders by certifying that contributions, mergers and conversions comply with legal requirements.

Altermès will ensure that you provide reliable information to all stakeholders, and that you can carry out your planned operations with complete peace of mind.

Contractual or acquisition audit

Benefit from a financial audit of your operational processes or company accounts.

These audits, carried out at your request, provide a level of assurance on your financial statements.

In the context of the acquisition of a target company, this includes :

  • Reliable financial aggregates for valuation purposes
  • Prepare for integration in compliance with your accounting rules and methods.

Certification of financial data

Give third parties peace of mind over your financial data by certifying the concordance and consistency of financial data with your financial statements:

  • Certification of accounting and financial data in connection with litigation, subsidies, contracts or financing.
  • Audit of research costs on behalf of the European Commission (Seventh Framework Programme FP7 or H2020).

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