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Evaluation et Expertise fi 1

Valuation and financial expertise

Take advantage of our teams’ expertise to evaluate your company and its brand

Management de transition en direction financiere 1

Interim financial management

Whether you’re faced with an increase in activity, the absence of an employee, or the need for training or expertise, you can rely on our multi-skilled finance team.

Diagnostic audit et controle interne 1

Audit and internal control diagnosis

Improve your risk management

Valuation and financial expertise

Take advantage of our teams’ expertise to evaluate your company and its brand.

We draw on recognized financial, sectoral and transaction databases and analysis tools (IQ Capital, Markables, etc.).

Purchase Price Allocation (PPA)

Allocating the purchase price of a company and determining residual goodwill can have a significant impact on the presentation of your consolidated financial statements and your financial communications.


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Our teams have developed specific know-how to help you enhance the value of your brands, R&D costs and customer portfolios…

Impairment Tests

As part of your closing processes, you need to document the value of certain assets.

Our teams will work with you to carry out your valuation tests on the basis of structuring assumptions recognized by the market (WACC, tax rate, perpetual growth rate, etc.).

Company valuation

There are several methods for valuing a company, such as :

– Transaction multiple

– Stock market multiple

– Discounted Cashflow (DCF)

– Net asset value.

Our teams can help you add value to your company by carrying out :

– market research

– an analysis of your financial statements

– an analysis to build your business plan and finally by valuing this data according to one or more valuation methods.

Valuation of BSPCE, BSA

When issuing BSPCEs (Bon de Souscription de Parts de Créateurs d’Entreprises) or BSAs (Bon de Souscription d’Actions), you must :

– value your company’s shares

– document any difference between the historical value of your company’s shares and the value of the shares obtained following the exercise of BSPCEs in connection with the cancellation of dividend or voting rights.

Our teams will support you in valuing your company and BSPCEs according to the type of share chosen

Management de transition

Interim financial management

You are looking for an interim manager for :

– Coping with a surge in activity (putting together a financing file, enforcing your team on an operation, setting up performance indicators, etc.)

– Compensating for an employee’s absence

– Helping your finance teams to make progress on complex issues

– Provide you with financial expertise by adapting the monthly duration of our services to your needs.


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We adapt to your constraints to offer you tailor-made solutions by seconding chartered accountants or finance teams to your finance departments.

The added value of Altermès is :

– skilled speakers, often with dual experience in consulting firms and companies

– support from the Altermes community of experts

– assignments of any duration

– a multi-sector scope: utilities, infrastructure, real estate, healthcare, new technology…

– clear fees, by subscription or fixed price.

Audit and internal control diagnosis

Manage your risks thanks to our expertise in building a system to cover major risks (financial, compliance, operational, fraud, etc.).

Altermès can help you with :

– Building your company’s risk map

– Definition of the audit plan and internal control program and their operational implementation

– Co-production or subcontracting of audit and internal control work

Management des risques Consei


Our solutions

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