Subcontracting of internal control work

Audit and statutory audit

Mission context

Faced with a staff shortage, a customer asked us to reinforce its internal control teams. We helped to make the financial processes of its subsidiaries more reliable.

Work completed

Our internal control procedures were carried out in 3 stages:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the internal control environment and applicable procedures, and obtain the files that will serve as the basis for the random selections to be made when carrying out controls on the “purchasing-supplier”, “sales-customer” and “bank-cash” cycles.
  2. Obtain documentation and formalize findings according to the test sheet templates provided by the Group.
  3. Internal control diagnostic report (test sheets and supporting documents) presenting the findings and conclusions of our work after discussions with management.
Audit d acquisition Audit

Customer feedback

We enabled the customer to meet its reporting deadlines in accordance with the Audit Committee’s instructions.

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