Introduction to Process Mining with CELONIS (demo)

Technological innovation

We often talk about it(Process mining: principles and advantages), but you’re probably wondering what a process mining tool looks like? Well, today I’d like to give you a sneak preview of CELONIS. It’s one of the most powerful process mining tools on the market. Today, CELONIS defines itself as an EMS (Execution Management System). It enables us to assess, understand and act on business processes.

CELONIS uses all the data flows from your various applications to rebuild your processes.

Once these connections have been made, we’ll move on to the Purchase to Pay (P to P) process.

Demonstration of the CELONIS tool with the Purchase to Pay process

Process mining can be applied to all areas of a company, and can lead to significant productivity gains. A process mining project needs to be thought through in several stages.

Altermes is a CELONIS partner. We work together to qualify customer needs. CELONIS is obviously involved as a publisher, and Altermes as a transformation consultancy. We work with our customers on :

  • Project sizing
  • The implementation phase
  • Data analysis
  • And lastly, to draw up and implement recommendations for process improvement.

Altermes combines consultancy in technological innovation with the accounting profession. This means we have the right skills both in understanding business processes and in the technical implementation of a solution such as Celonis.

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