Digital accountancy for small businesses and start-ups

Entrepreneurs, start-ups and very small businesses: take advantage of digital accounting services

Our added-value consulting approach


We combine our skills with digital tools to help you manage your business

An offer adaptED to your needs

Business start-up support

  • Advice on choosing your legal structure and the associated set-up
  • Company's legal status draft preparation
  • Carrying out the administrative procedures and formalities involved in setting up your business
  • Drawing up a business plan

Auditing and bookkeeping of your company's accounts

  • Daily bookkeeping
  • Checking the correct allocation of flows
  • Bank reconciliation
  • VAT returns
  • Filing of accounts
  • Duty to advise on decisions that may affect the accuracy of the financial statements

Payroll and corporate social management

  • Hiring advice
  • Input/output management
  • Payroll management
  • Contract drafting
  • Possibility of integrating an HRIS component
  • Guarantees the quality of software data or payroll subcontractor data

Legal secretary

Carrying out the obligatory formalities for filing your company's accounts with the registry within the legal deadlines :

  • General meeting minutes
  • Record-keeping
  • Filing with the Registrar
  • Etc.

Remote access to your management dashboards


View your sales, cash flow and key KPIs from any device (PC, Mac, smartphone)

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Simple, clear, customized pricing


At Altermès, all contractors are entitled to the same personalized support, including :

  • NCustomized advice and support
  • NAccounting entry of your invoices, expense reports, bank statements
  • NTax returns (VAT, corporation tax, CFE, etc.)
  • NPreparation of annual balance sheet and tax return
  • NAccounting synchronized with your banking data
  • NYour questions answered by your dedicated contact person
  • NDaily update of your file
  • NPermanent access to your financial indicators
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Rémy Brachet

Partner in charge of public accounting

Pricing to suit your needs

Business start
Auditing and bookkeeping of your companys accounts
Payroll a corportate social management
Legal secretary

Specific interventions

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Technical consultations


Find the answers to your technical questions by consulting us on accounting (French standards or IFRS), legal or tax issues.

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