How to implement CSRD in your company?

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The CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) will revolutionize corporate sustainability reporting. Where many large groups are already familiar with certain indicators required by the DPEF (declaration of extra-financial performance), the CSRD, an even more demanding directive, is a real novelty for a large proportion of companies.

It is estimated to affect over 50,000 European companies.

What is CSRD?

CSRD is an extra-financial corporate performance report that covers environmental, social and governance issues. Its purpose is to harmonize the various indicators, and to inform the public/stakeholders about the company’s practices on environmental, social and governance issues. In short, it aims to provide information and make corporate practices more transparent. It also calls into question the company’s business model.

Are you subject to CSRD?

The thresholds considered are as follows:


Large listed companies: publication in 2025

2 cumulative thresholds :

  • Employees > 500
  • and Balance sheet > €20m or sales > €40m

Large listed and unlisted companies: publication in 2026

At least 2 of the 3 thresholds:

  • Employees > 250 or
  • Balance sheet > €20m or
  • Sales > €40m

SMEs listed on a European regulated market: publication in 2027

Except for microenterprises that do not exceed 2 of the 3 thresholds:

  • 10 employees
  • 250K€ balance sheet total
  • 700K€ sales

Other large non-European companies: publication in 2028

Non-European companies with :

  • Sales > €150m and
  • subsidiary or branch based in the European Union

How can I get ready for my first publication?

We can recommend the following steps:

  • Analysis of what CSRD requires – this crucial step can be long and demanding – coaching may be appropriate for this part.
  • Gap analysis between CSRD indicators and requirements vs. data already available in your company.
  • Action plan to implement the data collection required to comply with the directive.
  • Define who is responsible for these indicators, and if necessary choose software to monitor them.
Goals and plan


Although CSRD may appear to be a major reporting constraint, it must above all be a tool for improving the company’s sustainable performance.

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