Takeover of a start-up’s accounting management

Accounting expertise


1st workshop: customer dissatisfaction

The collaboration with our customer began with an initial workshop. He told us about his current situation and in particular his dissatisfaction with his accountant:

  • Lack of team expertise and experience
  • Recurring errors
  • Lack of management involvement

This start-up has several subsidiaries in France and abroad, each individually owned by investment funds. The business model based on financing, maintenance and asset disposal can be complex for uninitiated employees.

This workshop enabled us to identify our customer’s needs:

  • Secure accounting management
  • Process digitization
  • Setting up automated dashboards

This first meeting was also an opportunity to briefly present Altermès, with a focus on data analysis solutions and our outsourced accounting management offering.

Altermès technological innovation solutions

2nd workshop: resumption of accounting in CT and data analysis in MT

Interested in our offer combining accounting expertise on the one hand and consulting in technological innovation on the other, our customer nevertheless wished to prioritize the subjects :

  1. Takeover of accounting management on January 1, 2022 and improvement of financial processes
  2. Digitization, automation and implementation of data analysis tools

We have therefore presented an offer for the takeover of accounting and financial management, including several activatable options:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting review
  • Taxation
  • Payroll
  • CAC relationship
  • Supplier payments
  • Analytical management

Our bid was finally accepted after competition with other firms.


Takeover of accounting management

General accounting

The takeover of accounting services formerly managed by another firm is subject to a code of ethics associated with the chartered accountancy profession. We have to make sure that there are no arrears and work closely with our colleague to take over the case.

The 2021 accounts have been transferred to Cegid LOOP from the FEC import. We then launched accounting management in LOOP on January 1, 2022.

Cost accounting

Our customer wanted to set up a cost accounting system to analyze individual project performance directly from LOOP. This eliminates the need for time-consuming management control to allocate costs and revenues to each project.

We worked with our customer to define the analytical axis and the costs and income to be categorized. We took the decision to start with a single cost-accounting axis to avoid imputation errors that would render cost accounting ineffective.

This work also led to requests to suppliers to modify invoices in order to include project codes. To this end, our customer has also modified his sales invoices.

A summary note was produced and circulated to stakeholders to provide a clear framework for the subject.

Payroll management

Payroll management is the most critical issue in a project to take over a new customer’s accounting. There can be no mistakes or delays when it comes to employee remuneration. We set ourselves high standards to ensure a smooth transition for our customers.

In order to offer our customers a high value-added service, and to be able to commit our liability, Altermès has entered into a partnership with LexiPaie for payroll management. In this way, our customers benefit from an expert social pole in its field, guaranteeing a safe, high-quality service.

Our work focuses on :

Supplier payments

In the past, our colleague managed supplier payments manually, making transfers to banking platforms.

We immediately suggested digitizing the supplier payment process using the LIBEO tool. This made it possible to :

  • set up a secure payment process,
  • avoid errors thanks to double invoice validation,
  • secure internal control by clearly defining each person’s tasks,
  • increase productivity by planning supplier payments.

The LIBEO set-up is detailed in a separate article!

Purchasing process with LIBEO

Mission organization

To carry out the mission, we proposed a multi-skilled team:

  • Rémy BRACHET, partner, chartered accountant, for mission supervision
  • An Altermès accountant for day-to-day management
  • Benoit Germond, techlead for IT technical expertise
  • Pierre-Louis GUILLER, in charge of development to support technological transformation

Accompanying change

Prior to our intervention, we drew up a provisional transfer schedule to ensure a smooth and secure transition.

Customer satisfaction

We work daily with our customer’s teams to structure the business and streamline accounting and financial management.

Although we’re still in the process of structuring and digitizing our processes, our customer has been pleased with our involvement and the initial results.

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