Outsourcing accounting management for SMEs

Entrust your accounting management to us for greater simplicity and agility in your day-to-day business.

How we remove
to outsourcing?

Hindrance: More difficult access to accounting and financial information

“I no longer have access to my accounting data!

Real-time accounting
. You have a “Viewer” profile to access your data at any time.

Hindrance: A lack of operational efficiency

“Accounting firms don’t make proposals!

Solution: Thanks to our
process mapping and improvement methodology (lean management)
we advise you on the tools and working methods you need to achieve
productivity gains

Obstacle: firms’ lack of technological adaptation

“Accounting firms aren’t digital enough!”

Solution: Thanks to
our own IT teams
teams (developers, data analysts), we
connect accounting to your business applications
and offer you customized dashboards to monitor your KPIs.

Hindrance: Loss of accounting control

“If I have questions about my company’s performance, the firm won’t take the time to answer them!”

Solution: You are the epicenter of a dedicated
dedicated team
(accountant, chartered accountant, data analyst) reactive to all your questions thanks to a dedicated communication channel in TEAMS. We are also committed to an
outgoing reversibility plan
in the event of contract termination.

Barrier: The cost and complexity of an outsourcing project

“It’s too expensive!”

Solution: By improving your processes and using digital tools, we can offer you competitive pricing that
competitive pricing that adapts to your business
(transition to variable costs).

A perimeter that can be outsourced à la carte

picto comptabilite generale

General accounting

picto comptabilite analytique

Cost accounting and management control

picto gestion financiere

Financial management

picto controle interne

Internal control

Picto Gestion sociale


Secretariat juridique

Legal secretary

How does it work in practice ?

Picto reflexion strategique

Together we embark on a process of
strategic thinking
on outsourcing opportunities

Picto perimetre defini e1691072075425

You define the
you wish to outsource. You evaluate
in-house costs
functions that can be outsourced

Picto Audit 1

We carry out an
of your organization to understand how you operate and your processes


Together we measure
in terms of equipment and information exchange

picto accompagnement et tarification adpatee

We offer you
approach and pricing tailored to your
to your organization

picto cahier des charges

We define a
which will also serve as the
contractual basis

This includes the outgoing reversibility plan, the scope of our work and our commitments.

picto signatue de contrat

We sign a contract contract, and start the service

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