P2P process improvement with Celonis

Technological innovation

One of our partners, Talenmatchers, asked us to help improve the P2P process of a major construction group. The Celonis process mining solution was chosen for this project.

Altermès is a CELONIS partner, helping customers to deploy and use the solution.

The Celonis process mining tool

Today, CELONIS defines itself as an EMS (Execution Management System). It allows you to :

  • evaluate : monitoring of actual process operation and analysis of deviations from typical processes, to provide key indicators for the various stakeholders understand and act on business processes.
  • understand: identify bottlenecks and gaps, and understand the causes in order to improve processes
  • take action: real-time monitoring of process execution, resolution of bottlenecks and performance improvement

CELONIS uses all data flows from different applications to reconstruct real processes.

☝ You can see a demo of the solution in our case studies.

Celonis 1

P2P process improvement

Our mission focused on the following operational objectives:

  • Reducing expenses
  • Optimization of working capital
  • Productivity improvement
  • Reliability of supply
  • Risk reduction
Processus P2P

Celonis deployment stages

Phase 1 – Demo

Demo of the tool on a reduced perimeter based on IT extractions from your IT environment

Phase 2 – Proof of value

  • Process audit: Analysis of anomalies / process bottlenecks that can be resolved using an EMS with the Altermès license.
  • Technical analysis: analysis of IT environment, identification of data requirements and connectors to be implemented
  • Data execution and analysis: Use CELONIS on different scopes from data extracted from your systems with the Altermès license
  • Recommendations: Drawing up and implementing recommendations to improve processes.


Our work has revealed more than 6,000 variants of the target P2P process.

Our assignment enabled us to identify actions to be implemented to optimize :

  • The treasury
  • Operating income
  • The financial costs of not optimizing WCR
  • The risk of fines from the DGCCRF

These actions would generate savings of 5% on the total volume of purchases.

Customer feedback

Our work has raised awareness among all our business teams of the potential for Data-driven P2P process improvement.

Deployment of the tool is currently being studied by the Transformation department.

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