Develop innovative solutions to detect duplicate payments

Technological innovation


In 2021, our customer is changing its ERP system for purchasing and procurement.

The old Oracle ERP, used for all financial processes, was therefore abandoned in favor of a market solution deemed to better meet the management’s current and future challenges.

The data recovery and tool transfer work at team level was spread over a six-month period, involving the risk of orders being double-counted and even of duplicate payments.

Faced with this potential risk of double payment, the finance department wanted to carry out manual controls, but the very high volume of purchases (> 1 Md€) and orders made manual controls obsolete.

In addition, the Audit and Internal Control department had highlighted certain deficiencies in internal control and wished to undertake additional controls to better cover the risks inherent in the Purchasing process. He had already commissioned Altermès to work on the automatic controls to be put in place.

Our customer asked us to help themfind duplicate payments and carry out checks using innovative tools and solutions.


Our value proposition

Altermès has proposed toanalyze the raw data from Oracle using a scrits tool developed by Altermès . This work will identify anomalies that could ultimately lead to duplicate payments.

How we work

Our teams worked directly on the Oracle files. Once the data had been organized by table, we launched processing and analyses such as :

  • Identify duplicate entries for the same invoice or service
  • Analysis of paid invoices with the following characteristics:
    • Invoices for the same service recorded with different numbers (0 / space / hyphen / …)
    • Duplicate entry of invoices booked for the same service, with identical amounts and dates.
  • Control of paid invoices, including receipt of orders in a different entity to that invoiced.
  • Review of occurrences meeting the following criteria:
    • Quantity discrepancies between orders and receipts declared in Oracle, but for which services have been invoiced in full;
    • No payment block after 3-way match
  • Identification of billing errors :
    • catalog orders placed in Oracle, comparing them with the price list in effect at the same time for a selection of suppliers defined by purchasing;
    • the processing of quotation orders for which a non-catalog price change has been granted.

Our work was presented at a feedback meeting, and theanomaly files were forwarded to our client’s accounting teams so that they could investigate the anomalies with operational staff and suppliers.

Results of our work

The scripts developed by Altermès analyzed more than 50 million hits from the purchase flows communicated to identify payment anomalies. These occurrences were then used to identify duplicate payments to be claimed from these suppliers.

Altermès has the IT and business teams to support you in :

  • mapping your processes and understanding your business needs
  • a solution tailored to your needs

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